Thinking about Buying a Twin XL? Read this First

Finding the right mattress for single adults and growing children can be a serious challenge. Bed size, materials, and comfort are all elements that must be considered before making a purchase. We’ll show you what you need to know about the Twin XL bed and why it’s so versatile for single sleepers. 

How a Twin XL Mattress Stacks Up in Size

Before we start looking at how these mattresses are best utilized in your living space, we have to make a quick size comparison to know how large these beds are relative to others. Take a look at the standard mattress sizes for all the other regular sizes on the market today. 

California King: The California King Bed dimensions is  72″ X 84″, making it a huge bed with lots of legroom. 

King Bed: The standard king size bed measures  76″ X 80″, so it is a little wider and shorter than the California king mattress model. You can also get a split king that has the bed separated into two equal portions. This is most often seen in an adjustable bed. 

Queen Size: A queen-sized bed mattress measures 60″ X 80″, and it’s large enough for most couples. 

Full Bed: The full-size mattress measures 54″ X 74″, so it’s great for a large individual that needs space or some couples.

Twin XL: The Twin XL is extra-long, measuring 38″ X 80″. It’s perfect for people that don’t need much width but require legroom. 

Twin Size Mattress: The standard twin mattress is  38″ X 75″ and is most often used in bunk beds.

Where Should I Use a Twin XL Size Mattress?

A Twin XL mattress size is perfect for rooms with extra space to fit in a larger bed frame that can accommodate a tall person. That is certainly not the only place where you will use these beds, though. 

A Twin XL is great for college dorm rooms, the guest room in your house, or a studio apartment. The mattress is extra long, and that can be difficult to fit into some smaller spaces. If you have room for the box spring and bed frame, the extra inches really help comfort tall people.  This single bed works as a sleeping space that provides extra length without adding to the width to fit in most places. 

What Kinds of Materials Are in the Best Mattresses?

When you consider the purchase of a larger size mattress than the twin, you have to think about the different materials from which these beds are made. 

Mostly, you should be concerned about the insides of these mattresses. You will often choose between an innerspring bed and foam mattresses, the most popular mattress types. You may even find hybrids between the two. You should consider the bed’s usage, though. If it’s going to sit in the guest room, then go with something comfortable yet inexpensive. If you have frequent guests, then it might be nice to splurge on a memory foam mattress. 

Make sure you look through the larger mattress’ FAQ and manual, if available, to get the precise measurements and learn what the bed is made from before making the purchase. 

Finding the right bed can take some work. People that want a long, thin mattress should consider opting for the Twin XL size to fulfill their needs.

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