Queen Size Mattress Dimensions and Benefits

When we were younger twin beds, twin xl beds, full-size beds, or even bunk beds, kept us content with our sleeping arrangements. But as we start aging out of college dorm size beds, get taller, and experience more body aches, upgrading to a larger mattress like the queen bed can be all that is needed. While we love what a full-size bed offers us, with the queen mattress you get an additional 5 inches of the room as the queen sits at 60 inches wide to 80 inches long while a full mattress is only 53 X 75 inches.

The full-size mattress or full xl size is recommended more for single adults on their smaller single mattresses. Depending on your room size, they can also be placed in a dorm room or smaller rooms that don’t have a ton of extra space. This is when the queen becomes a great option. A queen-size bed gives everyone, even tall people, enough sleeping space to stretch out and breathe a little easier at night. Know here twin xl mattress size.

Two Different Queen-Size Bed Dimensions and Benefits

The Queen size mattress is a popular mattress size and is used for providing extra length and more personal space for taller people, larger families, and fur babies who can’t seem to sleep in their own beds. There are two different common sizes for queen-size bed dimensions and they both provide different levels of size and comfort for the people using them.

There’s the standard queen-size mattress that is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. These are the queen bed dimensions most used around the world but different places do also sell the next level queen-size bed and that would be the Olympic queen. This bed gives you an extra 6 inches of extra width sitting at 66 inches X 80 inches long. I know 6 inches doesn’t sound like a big difference, but it matters when it’s not just you vacating the bed anymore or if you’re a taller individual. Know here mattress dimensions.

Both beds are perfect for people who don’t have enough room for a king-size bed but aren’t willing to forfeit all the benefits of a bigger bed. A queen bed allows for more room for other bedroom furniture like bedside drawers or a chest on the end while also giving you the comfort of a bed meant to be shared. Queen beds are not only excellent choices for master bedrooms, but they are also great to add to guest rooms. 

Customized and High-Quality Helix Sleep Queen Mattresses

At HelixSleep.com, different mattress sizes adhere to the standard dimensions used by many companies on their size charts. Don’t let that fool you though, their level of quality comfort memory foam and innerspring bed frames and bases exceeds competitive businesses in the market. For those who don’t know what they’re looking for and need some virtual guidance on finding the best mattress, take their sleep quiz and learn what it is you need from your mattress.

The website offers all standard mattress sizes and dimensions from a twin size mattress, or a twin xl mattress all the way to king-size mattresses like the California king mattress and breaks down specific details and differences in each mattress. From single sleepers to back and stomach sleepers, the breakdown will help you understand what kind of sleeper you are, and which mattress will give you customized support for your specific needs.

You’ll look at the layers of each mattress as well as the materials they use, which are hypoallergenic, ergonomic, organic, and made from materials that contour to your natural body movements and pressure points providing subtle relief and support. 

When you purchase your new bed at Helix Sleep, you’re getting unbelievable quality products that give everyone enough legroom and enough space for stretching, laying out, or sharing the bed with the kids and pets. You also don’t have to worry about your room look cluttered and small as it saves you extra space that a standard king or California king bed wouldn’t do.

And when you shop with Helix Sleep, you not only get a plush queen-size bed but one that’s tailored to you and your sleep habits so that you’re not waking up feeling achy or uncomfortable from the 8 hours of rest you just had. Shop for a new mattress with Helix Sleep here at this link.

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